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Alternative Treatments for Diabetes

Original Article Source No more insulin injections? A peptide synthesized by Israeli researchers provides a radically improved weapon against Type 1 diabetes, stopping it at its source. Israeli drug maker Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Clal Biotechnology Industries (CBI) have more […]

Experimental Peptides Prevent Diabetes & Halt Its Progression

Released by the University of South Carolina. By LESLIE H. LANG UNC-CH School of Medicine CHAPEL HILL — Injections of protein fragments prevented the development of type-I diabetes in a strain of mice prone to the disease, according to scientists […]

Peptides Alternative Treatment for Diabetes

Vaccine shows promise in reversing Type 1 diabetes The new findings hint that even in patients with long-standing diabetes, the body retains the potential to restore pancreas function if clinicians can only block the parts of the immune system that […]