Hashimoto’s Disease

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Hashimotos-DiseaseTreatment for Hashimoto’s Disease


Chronic thyroiditis is caused by the swelling due to inflammation in the thyroid gland, which then reduces thyroid function (hypothyroidism).

RCT is using proteins, peptides, growth factor and polyphenols that are carrying encoded information to specific type of receptor on membrane a particular type of cell. This creates a series of intercellular reactions.

The signals pass through the nucleus of the cell until they arrive to the DNA. These signals stimulate the DNA. When this process is complete the RNA reads the new information and creates a functional protein based on the needs of that particular cell. This causes the cell to start functioning normally again.

Polyphenols and Flavonoids, which are a family of Polyphenols, are an addition to the protocol when RCT is treating patients with autoimmune disorders where inflammation is present. Flavonoids can selectively inhibit cell-signals by binding to specific receptors in cell membranes, helping to regulate cell proliferation, inflammation, invasion, metastasis, and activation of apoptosis.

• Read published research on the MANF Protein, which helps beta cells survive. This research document highlights the synthetic version of the growth factor that RCT is using. However, the naturally produced GF is at least as effective, but typically more effective then the synthetic version.

* RCT is not disclosing the complete set of molecules used in each treatment, in order to protect the process until patents are finalized.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy is using proteins and peptides specifically for Hashimoto’s Disease to normalize the immune system. The proteins and peptides we use cause the islet of Langerhans and beta cells to return to their normal function. As the islet of Langerhans and beta cells begin to function normally they start the production of insulin and or higher quality insulin. When this process is completed the organ begins functioning normally, and the patient recovers their health.