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Peptide TreatmentRegenerative Cellular Therapy’s custom peptide and protein treatments and vaccines work by optimizing the cellular energy and nutrition in a targeted area of your body, exerting a preventative and curative action.

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Regenerative Cellular Therapy’s Peptide lab has been researching, mapping and synthesizing protein and peptide chains for over 30 years. RCT’s scientific research continues to develop new therapies that are succeeding in causing the dysfunctional cells of the recipient to regenerate, repair and revitalize within the strictest and most rigorous controls exacted by bio-safety.

RCT is using proteins and peptides that are carrying encoded information to specific type of receptor on membrane a particular type of cell. This creates a series of intercellular reactions.

The signals pass through the nucleus of the cell until they arrive to the DNA. These signals stimulate the DNA. When this process is complete the RNA reads the new information and creates a functional protein based on the needs of that particular cell. This causes the cell to start functioning normally again.

Available Peptide Treatments:


E+ Peptides for Cancer

The science behind the cellular tumor destruction is the synthesis of the E+ Peptides that directly target Cancer cells. Its effect on the exchange of information through the p53 gene, orders cellular self-destruction, reducing the multiplication of cancer cells, a process called apoptosis. Read More >

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Our Bio-Medications can be customized to treat your specific disease:

• Diabetes
• Autism
• Severe Asthma
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Cirrhosis
• Cancer
• Scleroderma
• Leukemia
• Lupus
• Kidney Failure
• Osteoporosis
• Lou Gehrig’s Disease
• Anti Aging
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Dementia
• Depression

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